My passion for design keeps me up at night and I lay awake decorating in my head. From helping you rearrange furniture, staging a home you are wanting to sell, picking paint colors, or extensive remodeling, I can help you do it all. I've done all this for myself in my past history of homes so I know what the experience feels like. My number one goal is to make my clients comfortable and at ease because I have been in your shoes.

The Beginning
This is the story about the yellow house in my historic neighborhood. When I moved to Oklahoma City 13 years ago, I wanted to live in an historic district since I was raised in an older home. My husband had a smaller home in one historic area here, but they were bungalows, which aren’t really my style, and it was his house and not ours. So I re-decorated his home, sold it within two weeks and our search began. We didn't get the house we originally wanted (that’s another nightmare story so I won't get into that one) but we ended up getting our current home. I've loved it so much but it wasn't my dream home.

It all started when I was about nine years old. I use to draw houses and my dream house was a Georgian English manor. I still have the drawing. Every year we go to England several times and each time we are on the train, I see the Georgian homes out in the countryside and think to myself, “Some day.”

One day while out walking, I spotted the yellow house. It was THE house. I wanted this home. I know it is bad to want things, but I REALLY wanted this house. I've watched it for years, and probably drove by it two times a week just to see the yellow house whether it be after we were out for dinner or just coming back from Target, I would say to my husband, "Lets drive by the yellow house"...I'm sure he was so tired of me saying that so many years.

Last year we heard thru the grapevine it would be for sale we put the “for sale” sign up in our yard.... long story short, the house didn't go up for sale, and we turned away 2 offers on our house because I was too scared to settle for something else. I had to have patience.
I had researched the owners, dug way deep into the original builder and learned about his architectural background. He had built it for his "mother-in-law"... So I knew then that every man wants to please his mother-in-law so indeed the home had to have been built PERFECT!

Then the day arrived. I was at lunch with my dear friend Suzette and asked her if she had heard anything about the yellow house. She hadn't.

After lunch I pulled into my driveway and I got the call that the realtor had put the sign in the yard just now. I called her. She was still standing by the sign. I said, "I want that house”. She laughed and said "honey, I don't even have a key yet". I told her I didn't care I had to have that house.  This was a Friday, and we got in at noon on Monday. I took my dear friends Jon and Rick who are contractors to look at the house. I had my notepad to take my notes of what had to be done.

My husband pulled up to the house at noon and I was waiting for him. Everyone else had already gone inside. I wanted to walk in with my husband for the first time. Upon entering, I cried. The realtor said to me, “I told you it had been empty for a few years and it was in bad shape, so now you see”. I said, “I'm not crying due to the shape, I'm crying because I want this house.”

Long story short, the house was part of an estate, and we submitted our offer and it was accepted but we had to wait several days for all the signatures to be in place. It was the longest ten days of not knowing the status!
The text arrived, “we have all signatures”... Again I cried!

It was a long month of waiting and finally our story of the yellow house begins.

I truly believe in keeping as much character and charm to older homes as possible but having modern day updates to make life easier. In keeping with tradition, I'm holding on to the vintage charm of this purely authentic Georgian Manor.

And so the journey begins of making the yellow house, "Our Home."

The Dream
Here you can see what the yellow house looked like back in the day and compare it with the photo from the day we bought it. We plan on taking it back in time. And as my logo indicates, "Bringing English Design Into The Home"... Here we go!

remodeling , redecorating, rearranging, and staging...

I can help you do it all

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